• Wheel Flange
  • Radius and Angle Dresser
  • Punch Former
  • Parallel Dressing Attachment (Manual Type for PSGS) ※With The Exception of PSGS-2035M, 2045M, 2045H
  • Cross Micrometer Attachment(PSGS) 1 division on cross handwheel:0.002mm/0.0001” 1 revolution on cross handwheel:0.04mm/0.001”
  • Vertical Micrometer Attachment(PSGS) 1 division on cross handwheel:0.001mm/0.0001” 1 revolution on cross handwheel:0.01mm/0.0005” ※For PSGS-2550AH/3060BH/4080AH
  • Cooling System
  • Level Type Wheel Balancer
  • Electro Magnetic Chuck
  • Automatic Paper Serip Filter
  • Cooling System Magnetic Separator
  • Round Electro Magnetic Chuck
  • Inclinable Electro Magnetic Chuck
  • Parallel Dressing Attachment (PSGO)
  • Dust-Suction Cooling System(PSGS)
  • Auto-Parallel Dressing Attachment 2 Axes Full Auto (Electrical Cross+Step Control Down)
  • 1.Window Type Splash Guard (PSGS) 2.Rear Side Coolant Baffle (PSGS)