• Product Description
    Longitudinal SlidewaysVertical SlidewaysLongitudinal MovementVertical MovementAuto Down FeedRotary Table
    Hydrostatic Slideways Hydrostatic Slideways Servo Control Servo Control CNC Control Hydrostatic Rotary Table
    • The surfaces of longitudinal table ways are all hand scraped to getting perfect contact pattern and to ensure very high accuracy.
    • Longitudinal table ways are designed to have slide surfaces longer than that of the working surface and equal to the table length to keep the table free from torsion and deflection(except PSGS series).
  • Product Feature
    General Capacity Max. grinding radius 350mm
    Spindle center height from table 580mm
    Max. height from table top to bottom of standard wheel 402mm
    Rotary Table Table diameter 600mm
    Max. Speed 80r.p.m.
    Max. weight on table(Including chuck&workpiece) 800kg
    Longitudinal Movement
    Travel 500mm
    Rotary table speed 1500mm/min
    Hand feed per revolution MPG
    Hand feed per division MPG
    Vertical Downfeed
    Travel 350mm
    Rapid traverse-approx.(60Hz) 600mm/min
    Hand feed per revolution MPG
    Hand feed per division MPG
    Grinding Wheel Dimension(O.D x W x I.D) 355x50x127mm
    Spindle speed(50/60Hz) 1500/1800 r.p.m.
    Motor Spindle motor 5.6kW/7.5HP
    Table motor 2kW
    Weight Net weight 6000kg
    Gross weight 7100kg
    Machine Size Dimension (L x W x H) (m) 2.85x1.9x2.95

    • Since we subscribe to a process of continuous improvement for our products specifications are subject to change without notice.
    • Machine appearance will change depending upon different optional equipment selected.
    • Equipment marked with () is available at additional extra charge. Other special applications may be provided upon specific requests from customers. Please contact us for more details.
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